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15.02.18 John Blauth

An auspicious day

On the same day that the Space X Falcon Heavy spacecraft made its successful maiden flight from Cape Canaveral, Tuesday 6th February, the Coachmakers’ stand at the 2018 Livery Schools Link Careers Showcase took off as well. And what a […]

15.02.18   Lyn Litchfield

From the bicycle kingdom to the Coachmakers’ city

China is my birth country, although later on I seized the opportunity to take the Trans-Siberian train from Beijing to Moscow and finally ended up in the home of famous rally drivers – Finland, the country I’ve called home ever […]

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15.02.18   Chris Mann

An Italian adventure

When you are young you have all the time in the world but years pass and, suddenly, you are no longer gilded youth but old buffer, with a lengthy ‘bucket list’ of things not yet achieved. High on my list […]

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15.02.18   David Burgess-Wise

How the History came to be

You can blame it on two Past Masters, Richard Dallimore and the late Victor Gauntlett. As a freelance motoring historian, I’d been commissioned to write the commemorative booklet for the Coachmakers’ celebration of the centenary of the British motor industry […]

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15.02.18   Julian Leach

A day in the life of a Livery Committee Chairman

In business, every top executive has honed and rehearsed his ‘elevator pitch’. He must succinctly describe what his business does in less than the time it takes for the lift to arrive at his floor – say 30 seconds. It […]

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15.02.18   Ann Neilson

How your Directory is put together

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to producing the annual directory, now known as The Coachmaker. It is a publication which takes many hands, considerably more hours and a great deal of concentration to write, edit, […]

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15.02.18   John Blauth

University roadshow

I blame Stephen Hawking and his Hadron Collider chums who have clearly broken, or at least bent, time beyond its normal parameters. Somehow my daughter is 18 and in her last year of school. Consequently we are now on a roller-coaster […]

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03.01.18   Tony Edwards

Master’s message January 2018

I am conscious of the honour you have granted me and I am determined to both serve and lead. Furthermore, we need to serve the companies and businesses we represent and succeed in our mission to be an active Livery generously investing in young people.

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