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22.04.18 John Blauth

Imperial progress in the shadow of Grenfell

PM Marcus Wills and I travelled west to White City in April, to make an initial visit to the Imperial College London (ICL) Outreach Programme. Our destination was ICL’s Makerspace to talk about the Maker Challenge Move Up, which Coachmakers […]

22.04.18   Martin Payne

Coachmakers visit Royal Dragoon Guards

On Tuesday 13th March a small contingent of Coachmakers, comprising the Master, Richard Charlesworth, Julian Leach, Mark Leaning and myself, Martin Payne, visited the Royal Dragoon Guards’ HQ at Catterick Garrison. Following a reception to meet the officers, we repaired […]

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22.04.18   Steve Nash

40 years in industry…and counting

I joined the motor industry after graduating in 1977, having piqued my interest with a summer job working as a parts delivery driver, writes Liveryman Steve Nash. I loved the business and being around cars so it was a logical […]

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22.04.18   Michael Quinn

A family affair

I was introduced to the Livery by my boss, the late Sydney Creamer, who owned and ran the Jaguar main dealer, RA Creamer in Kensington, writes Liveryman Michael Quinn. I was accepted as a Liveryman in November 1999 and since […]

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22.04.18   Colin Parlett

A day to remember

Di and I are keen narrowboaters so we were absolutely thrilled to be selected by ballot to be one of the 40 narrow boats chosen to join the 1,000 boats celebrating HM The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in the River Thames […]

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22.04.18   John Blauth

If you like a drop of gin, this one’s for you

In May we shall set a challenge to all Coachmakers: display your wit and wisdom and you could win a bottle of Nicholson Original London Dry Gin. You will be invited, in 30 words or fewer, to answer this question: […]

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22.04.18   Geoff Lancaster

Geoff’s motorsport dream

I’ve always loved motorsport but until I retired and the children were settled I never had the time or resources, writes Geoff Lancaster. In 2016 I bought a well prepared road going 1.4 Renault Clio and took it to Shelsley […]

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22.04.18   Stuart Masson

Jaguar Land Rover Classic factory tour

Coventry has seen its fair share of new car production during the past 100 years. But a new production facility opened last year that is building new cars unlike pretty much anything attempted in the area before. This is a […]

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