Who are the Coachmakers?

Coaches, cars and aircraft; from traditional to cutting-edge

The Coachmakers is a City of London Livery Company, founded by Royal Charter in 1677 by King Charles II.

The craft and art of coachmaking has evolved to cover the design, engineering, manufacture, sales, service and maintenance of cars, vans, trucks, aeroplanes and helicopters. As a Company we are closely involved with our modern day industrial sectors – automotive and aerospace as well as coachmaking – and have, in addition, strong links with the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force. We are an active and vigorous charitable organisation working in these constituencies.

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How can the Coachmakers help?

We help young people today, so they can build tomorrow

The Coachmakers’ charitable activities focus mainly on actively helping young people.

We help school and university students, by means of various awards, scholarships and bursaries, to achieve their training and career goals. We support apprentices, the cadet movement and certain philanthropic institutions associated with the City of London. The Company, and individual Coachmakers, raise funds to support these activities.

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